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Complete life cycle of OPV: From manufacture of solar cell modules through their deployment in a solar park, operation until they have produced the same amount of energy that was invested in their fabrication, to the de-installation, reclaim, and decommissioning once they have paid this energy back to finally the recycling of silver.


Sustainable Solar Cells

Both efficiency and operational stability for polymer solar cells have reached values that are approaching the lower end of established thin film PV, and focus must now turn towards processing on the required scale. This involves solving important challenges pertaining to the process itself such as energy usage, contamination, inline monitoring and process control, but also challenges related to the materials and inks involved. Environmental parameters are also important to ensure so that the manufacturing is safe from the point of view of both the operator and the outside environment. The goal is to produce and recycle polymer solar cells with low energy content.

This project, Inks for fast processing of recyclable polymer solar cells, serves as a platform enabling unification of the knowledge from all the independent projects and also previous projects in the section for solar energy. Such unification is needed for entering the next phase of our planned course of industriali­zation projects.

DTU’s comprehensive platform for development of polymer solar cells is crucial for successful implementation of the project. The platform is built during 12 years of active R&D work within the field of polymer solar cells. The key resources built up are a highly qualified R&D staff, a laboratory for roll-to-roll processing of OPV, and a park of R&D instru­ments dedicated to characterization and testing of OPV.


The project is funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF), who has launched the research career programme Sapere Aude – a talent development programme for the elite.

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